Saturday, September 2, 2017

Hawk Falls Pennsylvania

Great day for nice drive up to Hawk Falls with the family.  About six years earlier we did the same with Donny and our border collie Cookie.  Pic below.

It was a nice drive and great weather both times.  This time we brought along Candy and Sugar our new pups for the hike.  Neither wanted to swim like Cookie did in the freezing water.  Nor did we on this trip.  Years earlier Donny and I decided to jump off the lower level into the water.  Some other crazy guys were jumping off the top (higher) level.  The water just wasn't that deep and no room for error.  Something I would have done when I was a kid, but not now.  We missed Donny on this return trip, he had work and doesn't hang out with us much these days.  Mandy was ready to return to the spot where she hurt her hand.  Here's the spot back then.

After a short hike you find the river and the falls.  Easy path if you stay on the trail, but much harder if you want to climb on the rocks to get close to the falls.

We had a blast both times.  We love the weather up there as it's usually not as humid and several degrees cooler.  Nice break from the sweaty hikes back home.  Looks like we will plan another visit next summer.